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Abdul Avaze

A UX/UI Designer and a Front-End Developer based in Hyderabad. I enjoy the process of solving a problem, combining research, rapid prototyping, interaction, and visual design to create hassle-free user experience.

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Engineer by Qualification, Designer by Choice!

I'm an AI enthusiast, UX/UI Designer, and Front-end Developer, passionate about design, accessibility, new technology and more importantly people. I’ve spent the last 7+ years helping build businesses, both new to the market and loved by millions, in various domains, including FinTech (Hedge Funds & Investment), Election Management Systems, Education (LMS), eSigning, Payroll, HRMS, Online Food Ordering, Product Licensing, and Housing58. I have worked on iOS, Android, and Web platforms. I believe every product should be designed with a good understanding of people and the problems they are facing.

Inspired by Nature, Design and People.

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