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Perk Payroll

Simplify the whole HR and Payroll user flow and its process by making it highly usable, intuitive for the target users. Improve the look and feel of UI with new trends.

Project Goals
  • Saving Time & Effort : Make organization policies and its configuartions , payroll process, employee management & various other modules quick and seamless to use.
  • Flexibility : The data should be shown in the form of dashboards, which should have all the information where employee / manager / admin can see the data in the form of metrics
  • Convenience : Make the experience more joyful and convenient to the user by providing thoughtful, descriptive error states that don’t scare the user
  • New Design Language : Redesign new design system in order to get new look and feel in User Interface.
Finding loopholes in the Product

When start thinking about the design revamp, we started to search that what is actually bad in the existing design & what are the loopholes which we had left in that. Surprisingly our product got use to by so many clients and says existing product doing well, but need few improvements in organization configuration and generating reports then our task becomes more complicated.

In this case, a thorough User Research played a major role, like research on new trends, markets updates, competitor analysis, user behavior & new expecting needs from the existing product. We did online Interviews/Interaction with users & Online surveys helped us to understand new expectations.

By the help qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we are able to note what is not working as expected in old design and what is working well. Listed all the edge case scenarios and started working on the new layout.

Perk Payroll Research
User Demand Analysis
Perk Payroll UDA
Feature Bucketing / Information Architecture

There’s so much of data available in the system but unable to make use of it as the users are unable to find the information and even the search is not clear for them to use it and to find the relevant information. Based on the enhanced IA we started sketching out the low-Fi’s We used to draw different ideas and iterate as and when we felt the ideas are not working out or the user experience is not exceptional.

Perk Payroll IA
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